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January, 2015, shortly after Mike Huckabee announced that he was exploring a second bid for the Presidency, a Twitter user with the handle @Julius Irvington posted an old Huckabee family photo in which the politician, wearing a blue-and-white striped shirt, sits next to his wife on a wooden bench. On the right is a young Sarah Huckabee (now Sanders).

Next to her are her two brothers, John Mark and David, who are the same size as their father and wear matching striped shirts.

Senator Ben Sasse, of Nebraska, wrote a column about how, as a teen-ager, he used to perform hard agricultural labor on summer breaks: without the hard-won discipline he honed in the cornfields, he argued, kids these days will take too long to grow up.

The Children and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy sets out the University's approach to preventing and reducing harm to children and vulnerable adults when they are in contact with University staff, workers, volunteers or students.But it’s memes all the way down with this Administration: Trump, the father of the large adult son of the summer, is himself, clearly, a large adult son.He is the loudmouthed, mischievous, and disorderly child of a presiding father.The situation resembles a 2014 @dril tweet: “my big sons have made a mess of the garage again after being riled up by the good word of the Lord.” The definitive quality of the large adult son is that he is endlessly excusable: though he does nothing right, he can do no wrong.These days, it’s getting harder to separate the large-adult-son meme—one of the few reliably good things on the Internet—from the larger hellscape of adult-male behavior in which we all live.