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Their number was little increased during the next sixty years, since the great immigration period did not begin until about the year 1840.Among those who came to the United States before 1830 was Franz Lieber, accompanied by his two friends, Professors Carl Beck and Carl Follen.

As Hesse furnished more than any other German State (twelve thousand) all these soldiers were called Hessians.Germans, either by birth or descent, form a very important element in the population of the United States .Their number is estimated at not less than twelve millions.The majority of these men were farmers and one was a Lutheran clergyman, Kockerthal; on arriving in the Colonies in the winter of 1709, they were settled in the district then known as Quassaick Creek and Thankskamir (part of the territory of the present Newburgh).Another, and far more extensive, migration took place in the same year and the following; about three thousand Palatines landed in America, by way of England.