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Due to a series of strange and confusing events that I can no longer keep entirely straight, I have become the spokesman for the family of a dead girl named Tina Harmon.

In December, Tina's brother and I convinced a county prosecutor to close the case so that the records of an investigation into her abduction and murder could finally be made public, after 27 years.

But those records are still being kept secret, and it now appears that the county prosecutor may attempt to destroy evidence before the identity of Tina's killer can finally be proven. If I'm right, the state of Ohio has executed a man for crimes he did not commit - a sentence based in no small part on the work the prosecutor did when he was still a rookie lawyer.

The particulars of this case are hard to summarize succinctly.

If this is the completely renovated one deserves 5 stars if it's not 1 star all the way around except the housekeepers were friendly sociable and beautiful. It is right next to 2 strip clubs and a truck stop, it isn't a safe or clean place for most. The room smelled of cigarette smoke, as well as the bedding.

On October 29, 1981, Tina got a ride to the local Lawson's from her father's girlfriend, who dropped her off in front with a group of her friends. The girl's body was discovered by a man named Herb Sefert five days later, on an oil-well access road in Bethlehem Township, about 40 miles away. On her clothes, detectives discovered important clues: dog hairs and orange carpet fibers.

Though her body was discovered in Stark County, her murder became a Wayne County case, based on the belief that she was killed there before being dumped in Bethlehem.

I didn't feel safe to stay the night and left at dark. I am sure this is fine for some people to crash, but not for me. Since I previously stayed in a Motel 6 not two weeks ago and had a good experience, I did not think there would be any issues.

The area felt unsafe and had two strip clubs right next to it.