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Tasha wanted to fight him, but Picard refused her suggestion because of the tremendous power of the Q.

While the senior staff was taken to the 21st century courtroom and put on trial by Q, Yar could no longer resist the urge to tell Q he was wrong for accusing humanity of "savage, childlike behavior." She was placed into a sort of deep freeze by Q as punishment, but was later revived.

There's something comforting about knowing exactly how the hour will proceed.

Then, once in a while, SVU breaks the mold and instead delivers a creepy, weird story.

One of the few bright spots in her life was finding a cat, which she attempted to protect while being chased by a rape gang.

( Although Ishara decided to remain on the planet and eventually joined the Coalition, Tasha managed to find a way off Turkana IV in 2352 by the age of fifteen. Tasha began to attend Starfleet Academy soon after her escape and credited Starfleet with saving her from her previous life.

Tasha Yar was killed not even a year into the Enterprise's mission.

She was fondly remembered by the Enterprise crew, and an alternate version of Tasha indirectly played a very important role in Romulan politics.

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Passport or identity card (ID) of the Republic of Lithuania are documents issued to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, confirming personal identity and are valid for traveling abroad.Picard was so impressed with her bravery that he recruited Yar for duty on the Enterprise, as Yar's current commanding officer owed him a favor.(" shows Yar was a part of the ship's crew at the time of its launch and that Farpoint Station was the ship's first mission.In the 17th season of this crime drama, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) is promoted to lieutenant and takes command of the squad, but she doesn't get to choose who will be her second-in-command.Instead, Deputy Chief Williams Dodds decides to put his son Mike Dodds (Andy Karl) in that position.