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-- Dating violence is intimate partner violence that occurs between two people in a close relationship.

The abuse can be physical, emotional, or sexual, and it's a growing concern among teens.

We get the community to realize they all play a part—teen dating violence is a societal disease.

It’s an epidemic, but once it’s acknowledged we have the power to put an end to it,” Bobbi says.

“Without hesitation I said ‘yes.’ That’s when I started looking into statistics,” she says.

Parents Are in the Dark According to Love Is, 81 percent of parents either don’t think teen dating violence is an issue or don’t know if it’s an issue. In the United States, 1.5 million high school students experience dating violence every year, and only 33 percent of them report the abuse.

"At that age, that's just what crazy love was supposed to be or what high school love was. Powell believes pop culture and social media play a huge role in why teens continue the cycle of abuse.

Workshop attendees include the general public, juveniles in diversion programs and families in crisis.In late 2006, Phoenix, Ariz., high school student Kaitlyn Marie Sudberry, known to friends and family as Kaity, began dating a young man.For six months or so the relationship seemed healthy.These negative experiences can lead to depression, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts.​​The information below is meant only as a starting place for pediatric medical home teams to begin addressing teen dating violence.