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Grant later played against type with multiple cameo roles in the epic sci-fi drama film, Cloud Atlas (2012).

As much whiskey as I drank, as many cigarettes as I’ve smoked, I’m not going to leave this earth before you.'” When asked how he felt about the diagnosis, he said “I will bother it, it won’t bother me.” Gregory promptly turned to dieting and alternative treatments to chemotherapy, which he believes is the reason his lymphoma went into remission. #RIP M2O17D — Rev Jesse Jackson Sr (@Rev JJackson) August 20, 2017 Gregory married Lillian Smith in 1959.“It was never in my psyche that I’m going to be a great father,” he said, “Mine was: I’m going to be a great fighter for the liberation, whatever it takes.” He added: “People ask me about being a father and not being there. In an interview with Common Dreams, he recalls that Lillian broke down crying when he told her the news. It was no glamour.” He and Lillian remained married until his death. According to I Love Old School Music, Lillian became pregnant while they were dating, and Gregory’s mother insisted they marry: “No son of mine will ever get a girl pregnant and not marry her.” Gregory confirmed as much when he said “That’s how I got married.