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Currently only the clinic in Coventry has an arrangement that allows women with 2 miscarriages to be referred and then only from the local area (see more below).

If you have had 3 miscarriages and wish to be referred to a Tommy’s clinic, you do not have to live within the area of any of the clinics; a GP referral can be made to whichever centre is convenient to you.

As a result, many early losses happen to mothers who simply assume the bleeding is a normal period. Many miscarriages are unreported and some go unnoticed as it happens so soon.

Find out more about early miscarriage and what can cause it here A late miscarriage occurs between weeks 14 to 24 of pregnancy. Find out more about late miscarriage and what can cause it here The loss of a baby after 24 weeks is called a stillbirth. Experts think that the real figure might be 1 in 3.

For instance, if you have a health condition which might have contributed to miscarriage, then this condition could be managed in a next pregnancy.

Read more about preventing miscarriage Unfortunately, we still don’t know why every miscarriage happens.

Tommy’s strong view is that all women should get referral after 2 miscarriages and our clinicians and centre directors are working towards this goal.

Miscarriages are often referred to as ‘early’ or ‘late’.

Your referral can be made on the basis that the Tommy’s centre offers tests and treatments not offered by your local hospital.

This can be the reason for your request for out-of-area referral. There is not a specific referral form that needs to be used; your GP can use their own.

With ultrasound control, a fine needle is then guided into the placenta and a biopsy of placenta tissue (chorionic villi) is taken.

The needle itself is at all times well distanced from the baby.