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—nude and strapped to a chair where she has electric wires attached to her breast and pussy.

Her friend is watching and emoting as part of the torture, but except for a few brief cutaways we are focused on the visual and auditory responses of the sweetheart in the chair.

I know some prefer to see the striped backs and buttocks. If you like to see the physical reactions, the jumps and hanging from wrists, and writhing, this scene will be what you like.

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And a very late thanks for the new forum to Amy : ) Becky Fritz wrote: Covers: Thanks for today's cover, but that seems to be some kind of preliminary rendering. (I can barely bring myself to say it) a NIPPLE in plain view on one of the victims… Todays cover is from A-OK For Men Apr 1963 V1 #1 Becky: Appreciate the contribution, but we don't accept links to US commercial videos here. I've not explored the site that closely, but I really thought they were about..scenes from old movies. ) guy who's running WIP (women in prison) site, at [wipfilms.net] WIP is a golden mine for exploitation films, he offers for free download pretty much all everything that's sleazy in cinema.Surely it didn't show up like that on the front of A-OK for Men in 1963, did it? I'm not a fan of Sex and Submission, but they don't deserve to have their material stolen and posted on a site like that, and we're not going to help the cause by linking to them. Since I saw plenty of titles available that would bring lawsuits in my part of the world, I assume he's running his business from Russia, China or other internet lawless place.Cutscenes was initially geared toward exploitation scenes from movies but now it's a bazaar where everything can be posted, no matter how gory or sexual in content. :) It's a but sluggish at times but since they host all the oddities imaginable, I'm not complaining. A movie I've seen recently, Satanico Pandemonium (1975), a Mexican nunsploitation.JD: great fake with Bib Fortuna (Jabba's right-hand man) and Eve-9D9 (the robot torturer) interrogating Leia. Interesting thought: Jabba tells her to be his slave, or he turns her over to the Empire...is the third-most wanted in the Empire, after Mon Mothma (the head of the Rebel Alliance), and her brother Luke. In answer to the poll question, I first found this forum because an (online) friend of mine told me about it. Well, Fritz old boy, you've fallen for my little April Fools joke.I don't think he has ever posted much here, but I know he's a great fan of you guys. If that was on the cover of a MAM over fifty years ago, why didn't the world end? As you can see, the publisher just cropped off the bottom of the painting for publication. If you look closely at the back leg of the girl tied to the post, you can see that it is very strangely angled.