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Elimination of alcohol from a healthy adult body occurs at an average rate of approximately 2 to 3/4 ounce per hour, the equivalent of 1 ounce of 100-proof whiskey, one large beer, or about 3 to 4 ounces of wine.With small amounts of alcohol, this cleansing can happen effectively.

For samples of what some members are beginning to do with their enhanced pages go to American Mental so you have the flexibility to create a practice presence as multi-layered as

The development of Internet presence for AMHA-USA began in 1998 with the work of Dr.

Michael Conner, an AMHA Oregon member who created the site That site lists Oregon AMHA members, each on their own page, and links their pages to articles they have written. Conner's research with creating interlocking sets of domain names and sites helped develop the design protocols for the more elaborate site created by Mike Davis and Warren Dexter for AMHA-USA which was launched in April, 2000 at American Mental Health.com, AMHA-USA member professionals each have web listings that allow their skills, professional focus and location to be searched by more than two hundred terms pertaining to types of problems, theories, types of interventions, location, professional training and specialized skills.

The drinker's blood alcohol level rises as a factor of the relationship among the amount of alcohol consumed, body size and proportion of body fat, the amount of food in the stomach, and what is mixed with the alcohol.

The carbon dioxide in champagne and carbonated mixers such as Cola, and soda water rushes through the stomach and intestinal walls into the blood stream, carrying alcohol with it and creating a rapid rise in BAL.