2016 colors for updating bathrooms

And when making these upgrades, keep in mind that for 2016, stainless steel and silver-tone fixtures will be replaced with dark metallic shades, including warm oil-rubbed bronze, reddish copper and shiny brass.After you replace your fixtures, remember to add a few new coordinating accessories to the space, such as a metallic vase or toothbrush holder. Install Unique Flooring When your fixtures don’t need updating, but you want to give your master bathroom a new look, update the flooring.Other ideas: Functionality is key for a small bathroom.Small rooms can easily lead to unwanted clutter, so make sure you’re adding only design elements that are functional.To help inspire you, here are eight of the most popular master bathroom redesign trends: 1.Add Extra Warmth To make your master bathroom more cozy, try adding extra sources of heat.

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Water Filters: Everything You Need to Know Refrigerator and Freezer Quick Tips What Do Your Dishwashing Loading Habits Say About You? In smaller spaces, consider hanging a unique piece of artwork or replacing a standard rectangle vanity mirror with a framed oval mirror. Incorporate Waterproof Electronics High-tech homeowners know the value of using a smartphone app to control their furnace or close their garage door.And in the upcoming year, these smart trends will become even more popular.Updating a master bathroom in 2016 is a wise investment.And when doing so, be sure to consider these eight common bathroom trends.