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Coming to us straight from the Manderville Gold Saucer, and sponsored by Lords of Verminion (Find in the Sleep-aid section of your local pharmacy), Juxta has drafted a legion of living dead including Cloud, Aerith, Haurchefant, Tellah, and the Marmots he slew in 1.0 as part of the Special Marmot Defense Force, yes specifically those marmots! Our opening match of the season features Beem Bo USA travelling down to the Manderville Gold Saucer for a match with the Verminion Lords!Will the undead horde stand up to Joe Never Fails and his crew?!With a potent line-up including Beatrix, Sabin, Balthier, Rubicante, and Firion, opponents will certainly have a difficult time playing in the Chaos Shrine this season.And finally, after extensive PED and STD testing, GM Juxta Position returns to the league running the Verminion Lords. Click the image to go to the twitter poll and cast your vote!Eskalia Ryumasa has reorganized his team after the disaster that was his first season in the league.

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It’s been a long tumultuous off-season, full of drama, suspensions, rules-dodging, and back alley deals!Tune in as El Negro Grande invades The Navel to square off with Titan’s Banana Hammock.After initially attempting to forfeit their match-up, the Edelweiss Avengers are currently under investigation for collusion.His team of Lakeicius, Layle, Brandt, Benjamin, and the Protagonist from FF Legend 2 are eager to make their names known here in the FFFL.New GM Malky Thera will be running the Melusine Marauders.